AJMIR STORE caters the A to Z products for all our shoppers. Our main aim is to provide the goods and services to all the patrons at no difficulty. The sales assistants attend to the customers’ queries first and put in their best effort to satisfy the customers’ needs.
During the festive seasons, we bring a vast variety of greeting cards and festive goodies for our customers. In the recent years, we have been also importing the Arabian Delights from Saudi Arabia for our customers. They will be on sale during the festive periods and is still available in all our branches beautifully packed in petite containers.

As for our AJMIR MURUKU, it can be found at all our branches and also supplied to an average of 700 stores island wide. Our major clientele includes Mustafa Centre and also supplied to restaurants and cafes. We have introduced the service of taking orders of Indian Sweetmeats such as Laddu for all special events such as weddings, naming ceremony.

During the Singapore Great Sale or any other major promotions, CK TANGS invites AJMIR STORE to put up special promotional booth to sell our Muruku items.
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